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TRIS USA products are used in numerous automotive applications. For example, our products are in many different components, such as engine parts (starter motor, alternator) and functional parts (ABS motor, power window motor, etc), just to mention a few. Contact Us if you would like a complete list.

Carbon Brushes

A carbon brush is an essential motor component conducting current between stationary wires and moving parts, providing electricity continuously to the commutators and slip rings. TRIS has a large share in the automotive carbon brush market and is recognized as a world-leading brand. We satisfy customer's needs by refining our long-experienced techniques for the development of highly-engineered products.

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For Household Appliances

Carbon Commutator

A carbon commutator is used in fuel pumps and applicable to a wide range of fuels as well as gasoline. We develop and supply carbon commutators using, exclusive, TRIS technology cultivated through our experiences with carbon brushes and powder metallurgy.


TRIS recognizes Brush Assemblies as a value added option, and we offer supplying brush assemblies, as part of our enhanced customer service.

Powder Metallurgy

Powder metallurgy is an appropriate way of mass-producing precision machine parts through pressing and sintering powder metal. We have been supplying products for more than half a century as a pioneer in powder metallurgy in Japan and Worldwide!

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